Nature, sightseeing & golf in Bruneck / Brunico & the surrounding area

A kaleidoscope of life

What’s the recipe for a perfect holiday in Bruneck?
Mountains and valleys. Towns and countryside. Take a little of everything:

  • 1 tsp of mediaeval town flair, tourist attractions in Bruneck, quaint alleys and colourful walls;
  • 1 tsp of the vibrant high street, the farmer’s market on the Graben boulevard and the cafés in the historic town centre;
  • a sprinkling of legends, myths and culture from the surrounding museums;
  • 1 pinch of fresh flowers from the alpine meadows and a dash of adrenalin from the summits;
  • 1 sprinkling of snow and beautifully prepared ski slopes on the Kronplatz;
  • 1 heaped cup of South Tyrolean magic and the Dolomites, UNESCO world heritage. 
Historical flair.

The best way to explore Bruneck is by simply strolling through the town. Start at the “Graben”, the boulevard just outside the town walls. Then enter the historic heart of the town via one of the four town gates and stroll along the high street, (“Stadtgasse”), which is lined with colourful, fairy-tale like facades. Buzzing with life, the town centre offers a veritable abundance of elegant boutiques, trendy stores, traditional delicatessens, churches, book shops, cafes and ice-cream parlours. For those who seek peace and meditation, Bruneck is also home to plenty of green areas and quiet havens, including the delightful monastery gardens on Kapuziner Square, or Bruneck Castle (the Bishop’s Castle) on the castle mound, or the soldier’s graveyard on Kühbergl – the last resting place for so many courageous hearts.

Museums & culture
  • Bruneck Museum
    For all those who love the fine arts: This museum not only houses late Gothic artwork by Michael Pacher, but also more modern pieces by national and international artists.
  • Messner Mountain Museum RIPA (Bruneck Castle)
    For all those who love mountains:
    Alpinism – or mountaineering – established itself as a sport some 250 years ago. But despite all the accompanying hardships, people have been living in the mountains of this world for at least 10,000 years. Immerse yourself in the world of Sherpas, Tibetans, Indios and Mongolians, and learn more about the “mountain peoples” of this world.
  • Messner Mountain Museum Corones (Kronplatz)
    For all those who love mountains, part 2:
    Reinhold Messner, South Tyrol’s most famous mountaineer and explorer, is a familiar name around the globe. He established a series of Messner Mountain Museums throughout South Tyrol to document his achievements and pay lasting tribute to the sport of alpinism. His sixth and last museum is located on South Tyrol’s most popular ski mountain, and is higher in terms of altitude than any other museum in the country.
  • LUMEN – Museum for mountain photography (Kronplatz)
    For all those who love photography:
    Kronplatz Mountain is also home to another museum with a special focus on mountains. Here, spread over an area of 1800m², visitors can enjoy an interactive museum experience with photography from around the world.
  • Folklore Museum (Dietenheim)
    For all those who love a good a story:
    When grandma tells stories about her childhood in South Tyrol, they generally revolve around hard work and hard times – and a lifestyle that is vastly different to that experienced by today’s children and young adults. The open air museum in Dietenheim covers an area of four hectares and houses around twenty themed buildings showing how farmers, craftsmen and day labourers once lived. Explore compelling displays of the workplaces, work utensils and lifestyles of times gone by.
  • The jazz life is the best life!
    When soloists and ensembles venture out of concert halls and embark on journeys in the “unknown, unheard and unexpected”, then you know it’s time for – the South Tyrolean jazz festival! Spread over several days and different times of day, this event takes place in South Tyrol’s most special venue, the great outdoors, and infuses nature with new, exciting soundscapes. 
  • Christmas is coming!
    Hark how the bells, sweet silver bells... ring out over the peacefully illuminated Graben boulevard. A delightful selection of booths welcome young and old with warm drinks, tasty treats and a wide array of hand-crafted gifts. Eyes shine bright and hearts are warmed at the Bruneck Christmas market!
  • Regional and local specialities
    “A farmers’ market is so good, no better place to buy your food...” Surely there must be some old saying along these lines?! Discover fresh, seasonal specialities ranging from local fruit and veg to cold meats and cheeses, fresh bread from the farmhouse oven and typical South Tyrolean treats such “Kniakiachlan” (sweet dumplings), Tirtln (savoury pastries) or Krapfen (doughnuts) every Friday at the farmers’ market on the Graben.
  • Celebrate til the cows come home
    Once every two years, Bruneck throws a three-day party – to celebrate life, humanity and friendship. It includes a range of events that deck a veritable feast for the eyes, ears and tastebuds. Bruneck is transformed into a giant stage for local and international artists, DJs, brass bands and other bands. Prepare to be pampered with an incredible range of culinary delights! Are you ready for the famous Bruneck Festival?! 
  • Anything else...? 
    “Shopping & Ice” (summer shopping evenings, where the shops remain open until 10pm), the “Erdepfel” festival (in honour of Puster valley potatoes), the International Choir Festival (featuring a thousand choirs) and more.
  • The best way to explore the area is by following one of the region’s many trails. For example, a gentle stroll will take you up to the Kaiserwarte observation platform in Reischach, or to Aufhofen and Dietenheim. Or follow the archaeological panorama trail in St. Lorenzen, wander up to Lamprechtsburg, hike up to the Aufhofen summit, visit the earth pyramids in Oberwielenbach, or try the Gaisinger Waalweg trail … 
  • The “love tree” in Amaten above Bruneck attracts lots of visitors, but few are aware of its magical powers! On foot, it takes one hour to hike from Dietenheim to Amaten, where you can enjoy fantastic panorama views.
  • Shrouded in mystery, Kehlburg Castle is a well-preserved ruin dating from the 12th century – and it pulsates with energy. Starting from Amaten, you can reach it via the Kehlburgweg trail. Alternatively, you can start from Gais. 
  • Scale the heights of happiness in the Dolomites, a UNESCO world natural heritage site – and don’t miss Rieserferner-Ahr Nature Park or the Fanes-Sennes-Prags nature reserve. For dedicated mountain hikers, we recommend conquering the following summits: Schönbichl (2452 m), Putzenhöhe (2438 m), Astjoch (2194 m), the famous Drei Zinnen (three peaks) and Peitler Kofel …
  • The Puster Valley cycle path leads from Franzensfeste through Bruneck and on to Lienz, but you can do it in stages if your prefer – e.g., Bruneck to Innichen, Bruneck to Franzensfeste, or Innichen to Lienz. If you’re wondering how on earth to get back again, don’t lose heart – simply take the train!
  • The Ahrn Valley cycle path leads from Bruneck to Sand in Taufers and is perfect for a leisurely day out with all the family. Once you arrive in Sand in Taufers, you can wander round the town centre, visit Taufers Castle or cycle on to Reinbach waterfall in Bad Winkel. Stop at the Thara SeeLounge in Kematen for refreshments.
  • Mountain biking adventures If you enjoy mountain biking, be sure not to miss the Kronplatz trail! Starting in Reischach, most of this trail is through woods and mountains. Enjoy lots of exciting flora and fauna in Puster Valley, as well as panorama views over the Dolomites.
  • Freeriding down the Kronplatz isn’t for everyone, of course! But if you enjoy tight bends, pump tracks and jumps, you can choose from six trails in varying levels of difficulty that are guaranteed to make your heart beat faster!

Puster Valley golf club offers a delightful 9-hole course at the foot of Kronplatz mountain in Reischach. The site was designed by architect Alvise Rossi Fioravanti together with professional golfer Baldovino Dassù. Visitors can hire clubs, trolleys and other equipment (subject to prior reservation).

  • Cron 4 Fun Pool in Bruneck is spread over an area of 3000 m², of which 800 m² is dedicated to water. It includes a swimming pool, a fun pool, an active pool, a baby pool, a 75m long water slide, a saltwater pool, a sunbathing area and a sauna area. 
  • Bruneck lido (recreational grounds, Bruneck) has a 50 m swimming pool, a children’s pool and a sunbathing area.
  • Baggalocke Lake in Gais (swimming allowed)
  • Issing pond
  • Cascade (swimming pool & spa) in Sand in Taufers
Kronplatz Mountain ski resort

119 km of ski slopes, 32 state-of-the-art ski lifts, five black slopes (the “Black Five”), slopes and lifts connecting you to the famous Sellaronda ski circuit, 2 museums, 1 “peace bell”, quaint mountain chalets and countless culinary delights. That’s South Tyrol’s number one ski resort in a nutshell – now all you need to do is experience it for yourself!

Cross-country skiing
  • The Reischach circular tour around the base of Kronplatz
    Distance: 5.5 km | Level of difficulty: easy | Altitude: 145 m
  • Sunshine ski trail in Pfalzen
    Distance: 1.9 km | Level of difficulty: easy | Altitude: 13 m
  • Rein in Taufers circular ski trail (cross-country skiing centre)
    Distance: 15 km | Level of difficulty: easy/moderate | Altitude: 49 m
  • Biathlon Centre Antholz
    Distance: 17.4 km | Level of difficulty: moderate | Altitude: 184 m  
Winter hikes

When the first snowflakes drift down from the skies, there’s nothing like a walk through the fresh, virgin snow. There are countless winter trails here, in and around Bruneck, that you can explore with hiking boots or snow shoes. Popular choices (amongst others) include the Mühlbach Valley trail above Gais (stop for refreshments in Mühlbacher Badl!) or the trail to Haidenberg Inn in Stefansdorf, or the snow shoe trail to Sambock.