Historic city apartments in Bruneck in South Tyrol - Italy

Anecdotes from the history books

Hotel Bruneck in South Tyrol is soaked in history and culture. The days of yore permeate every nook and cranny, whispering tales of times gone by and perpetuating a bygone era.

Historic Hotel

The foundations of what is now Hotel Bruneck were laid in 1850 by a man named Johann Schifferegger.

From the start, the hotel enjoyed a fine reputation for being “the best-furnished guest house, with finest cuisine, electric lighting, horse rides and carriage rides, civil prices and a convenient location close to the train station and the town centre.”

Johann’s son Josef, quick to recognise the hotel’s potential, extended the building by adding a theatre and a ballroom (now occupied by Demattia, an art shop). Visitors from near and far flocked to Hotel Bruneck – including no less a personage than Umberto II, King of Italy. Supported by grandmother Anna, Aunt Helene and Aunt Antonia kept the hotel up and running well into the 1990s.


The past, the present and the future

In 2019, the entire building was redeveloped and renovated. Whilst careful to retain the historic character of the building, the hotel was transformed into a residence. 

Centrally located, in the middle of the action. The hotel that once hosted the King of Italy now blossoms into new life. Filled with culture, music, individuality, esprit, freedom, impeccable service and hospitable warmth.